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Welcome!  I am Reverend Samantha Corfield.  Along with my husband, Matthew Corfield, I am a Spiritual Practitioner offering services in and around Albuquerque, New Mexico.  My practices are unique.  I am a non-denominational minister with the Universal Life Church, as well as a Mambo Asogwe Vodou Priestess. My practice is tailored to your desires and wishes. I have no personal religious, racial, nor gender biases. I am here to offer services to anyone who is not satisfied with what traditional religious practitioners have to offer you!

It is my goal to offer you very specialized services for weddings, life memorials, christenings, house or business blessings, funerals, home ghost/spirit clearance, individual or group spiritual counseling, and more. We will talk!  I will find out from you what you need or want. Then you and I will decide if I can fulfill that need or want for you.  My services are about YOU, not me! I have no agenda to push nor any particular path I think you need to be on.

If you are finding you need spiritual services, but cannot find the right kind of practitioner to suit your more ecletic needs, I am the person for you.

Please explore my website to find out more or fill out the inquiry form and I will contact you.  Thank you so much for your interest and I wish you all the best.


If you need spell casting services, please visit my other website!

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