Sam and Matt Corfield

Reverend Samantha Corfield
(with husband, Matthew Corfield)

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, I have been in New Mexico for the past 20 years.  As much as I love New Orleans, I truly consider the Albuquerque area my home. My formal education was at Tulane University in New Orleans Louisiana where I achieved degrees in Theology and Theatre, finally achieving a Ph.d. in Theology several years after beginning my course of studies! 

I am married to Matthew Corfield and we reside in a rural home in Los Lunas, New Mexico. I have one son, Ira, who is married to our lovely daughter-in-law, Eshita.  There are three wonderful grandsons, Brandon, Devon, and Preston.

Over the years I have worked with many, many clients on important issues such as love, life goals, births, weddings, deaths, spiritual counseling, etc.  I am very open to everyone's belief systems and can configure any important ritual in your life to suit your needs. 

I have no biases towards any race, religion, gender, or creed.  While I do believe in gay marriage and am happy to perform them, please remember that the laws of the State will prevail in the legality of any such unions.  Nevertheless, I am a supporter and happy to perform binding ceremonies of any kind. 

Although I offer services appropriate to any and all spiritual practices, my background as a Vodou Priestess should be something that you consider when choosing to work with me.  Vodou is not what you see in the movies.  Vodou is a monotheistic, legitimate religion that believes in One True God and also leaves room for other interpretations of saints and other spiritual beings.  I would ask that if you have reservations about using someone with a Vodou background that you reconsider what you have seen in movies and on television and take a moment to investigate the true religion of Vodou. 

Having said that, none of my services offered necessarily bring in any Vodou components unless you want them.  The one exception will be ghost/spirit removal because I will have to use my skills as a Vodou Priestess in order to do that for you.

If you desire to have counseling services with me, please understand that I am a Spiritual Counselor NOT a psychiatrist nor psychologist.  My services are of a spiritual nature and while we may discuss mental and emotional issues, I am not qualified to prescribe medications nor offer psychiatric help.  You should consider my services the same as any other religious counselor, priest, or reverend you would see.  While I am qualified to use the title "doctor" to avoid confusion I do not.  I do not wish to confuse anyone into thinking that I am a medical practitioner of any kind. 

I hope to meet you and assist you with all of your spiritual needs!

If you need spellcasting services, please visit my other website.


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