Is Your Spirit Drooping?

Hello everyone!  Did you look in the mirror this morning and wonder how you were going to get through the day?  Trying to figure out how to wind yourself up to continue?  Take a closer look - I bet your spirit is drooping!

It happens to all of us.  We just feel like we can't get through another day of the same old thing or our problems all seem insurmountable.  While there is no denying that there is plenty to get us down, taking a moment to refresh our spirit can really be an uplifting experience.  Learn how to fight off droopy spirit!  If you are a praying person, offering up a prayer to your particular deity, thanking them just for the day itself and your ability to be in it, can start you out feeling a little bit better.  Then take just a few moments to sit quietly and visualize the day ahead.  See it unfolding in a positive, happy manner.  Even if something unpleasant is what you have to look forward to, try visualizing it having the best possible outcome.

Promise yourself to find at least one thing to laugh at! Or someone to laugh with is even better!

Make sure to take some good, deep cleansing breaths - prepare yourself to meet the day with an attitude of accomplishment, even if you haven't managed to brush your teeth yet! It's a new day, you can face it with dread of the same old thing, or life up your drooping spirit to meet the day with vigor!

I know that some days it isn't easy, but it is worth trying! ;-)

Light and peace to you and yours,

Reverend Samantha Corfield

Samantha Corfield