Please Note: Once you have purchased a service, please email me at  so that we may discuss your service.

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This is a service where I write the entire ceremony specifically for you and your partner incorporating your input and ideas.  We will meet and talk about what you do and do not want said at your ceremony.  I will get to know you and you will have full input on everything said at the ceremony. Religion of any kind is not an issue with me and I am happy to work with all faiths or spiritualities. I can write your ceremony exactly as you want it! 

MY FEE:  $300.00 (This includes one face-to-face meeting with you as a couple for planning, my complete writing services, rehearsal, phone/email follow up for service approval, and my services on the day of the ceremony.)     




This is a service where I will use one of my stock wedding ceremonies. You will, of course, get final approval on the usage of the ceremony. We can still be flexible here about personally-written vows from you and your partner if you wish to write your own.

MY FEE $200.00 (This includes my presence at your rehearsal, phone/email consultations, my services on the day of your ceremony.)




I will come to your home or business and do a general blessing, smudging, spiritual cleansing.  This is perfect for homes or businesses that feel like they are bogged down with some sort of negative energy or for removing the energy of past residents when you move into a new place. Helpful for those feelings of "something just isn't right" in your space!  Depending on the size of the home or business, this takes about an hour.  This is not ghost or spirit removal.  That is something completely different!  See below.

MY FEE $100.00 (This includes my services and all materials that I use.  If you live more than 30 miles outside of Albuquerque, a fuel surcharge will need to be negotiated.)




Welcoming a new child into the world is always a joyous occasion! I can do many different types of services to honor and dedicate the child for you and your family.  This is a highly personal service and I will rely on you to tell me about your beliefs and what you expect for you and your child.  I am happy to work within the parameters of your belief system.

MY FEE:  $100.00 (Includes my services to discuss with you what you would like for the service.  This type of service generally runs about 30-45 minutes.  I am very flexible to your needs.)


Spirit Guide readings are to help you get guidance from your personal spirit guides.  I also like for you to (if you wish) learn to connect with at least one of your spirit guides on your own. Most of us have multiple guides, but often one particular guide is closer to you than others. Doing a reading of this nature is meant not only to help you get guidance from your personal guide but to help you begin to learn how to start to get guidance on your own.  My goal is not to keep you dependent upon me for your spirit guide guidance but to help you learn how to get the guidance on your own (if you desire).  Of course, I am always happy to read for you, but it can be helpful to learn how to contact and listen to your spirit guide(s) on your own, too!  Spirit guide readings are usually approximately 45 minutes.  I always have you give me background and questions before the reading so we don't take up your reading time doing that.  Naturally you can ask more questions, etc., as the reading unfolds. Please understand that I do not work as a psychic - I am a guided intuitive with abilities to connect with the spirit guides of others. I am the go-between for you and your spirit guide, at least until you learn how to do it yourself!
MY FEE:  $100.00 for the first reading.  Readings thereafter are less depending on what you want to learn, etc.  But the first reading is $100.00. We can do the reading by phone, Skype, online video chatroom, online typing chatroom (sort of like instant messaging).  If we do the reading by video chatroom I can actually send you an email video copy of our session so that you can refer to it later.  If we do it by online typing chatroom, I can send you an email written transcript of our session.




For those who are feeling like their spirit has been damaged or lost, or if you don't even know what it means to be spiritual anymore, spiritual rehabilitation and counseling services are available on a one-to-one, couple, or group basis.  Spiritual energy is something that we all need and so few of us every really develop. This is not medical counseling - this is spiritual counseling and it can be used to assist in almost anything.  However, if you are suffering from a serious addiction, such as drug addiction or alcoholism, you will need to also seek medical treatment.  I am not a medical doctor.  But if you are feeling like you have lost your spirituality somewhere down the line, I can help you to find it again.  Spiritual rehabilitation and counseling means different things to different people.  I am very willing to try to work with the parameters of what it means to you and guide you into exploring and developing your own belief system (not mine!). 

MY FEE: $75.00 for the FIRST hour where we will talk and you and I will assess your needs.  Thereafter, I charge on a sliding scale and package hours to save you as much as possible. (This can include appointments by phone, in person, on Skype webcam, etc. I am flexible.  If I have to travel more than 30 miles to get to you, fuel charges may be added.)  



If you are here and have lost your loved one, first let me offer my deepest sympathy. There is never anything easy about losing a loved one and I am here to offer services for funerals or memorials. There can be famliy involvement, blessings, life stories, and life celebrations. I am very flexible in these services and it is really all about what you want and what you feel your loved one would have wanted. There can be in-home memorials, funeral home services, outdoor memorial services, whatever you want to do to honor the life and memory of your loved one.  We will discuss it and I will do my best to honor your requests and wishes.

MY FEE:  $50.00  (This includes my writing services, discussions with you about the service and my presence at the service for a minimum of one hour.)



As time allows, I will volunteer to visit you or your loved one in hospice, hospital, or nursing home settings.  Please feel free to request this from me at  I do not charge for these visits, however, a small donation for travel time and fuel is greatly appreciated.  I am not a medical doctor.  These visits are strictly of a spiritual nature.  We can pray, talk, or discuss any spiritual matters you have questions about.  


Services are available to have ghosts or spirits removed from your home.  If you feel that there is a spiritual presence in your home that you would like to leave, a ritual can be done to invite the spirit to leave peacefully.  All removals are done with compassion for the spirit and removal is done without any harm coming to the spirit.  Most ghosts or spirits that are "haunting" houses are generally just confused or hanging on to something familiar.  Showing them the way to move on is the best way to remove them from your environment.

MY FEE:  $300.00  (This includes the full ritual, discussion with you, and all materials used. This ritual usually takes at least two hours.  You can choose to participate or to leave the removal strictly up to me.) 


 Please Note: Once you have purchased a service, please email me at so that we may discuss your service.

You do not need a PayPal account to Pay. You may pay with any credit or debit card

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